Some London Churches Associated with my Ancestors

This week I was in London for a conference and took the opportunity to visit some of the churches in the area associated with my ancestors.

St Ethelburga’s Bishopsgate
James Okell and Ann Yaxley were married here in 1793.
St Ethelburga Bishopsgate

St Botolph Bishopsgate
James and Ann’s children James, Mary Ann, Elizabeth Frances and Elizabeth Joynson were baptised here; Mary Ann and Elizabeth Frances died as infants and were buried here.
St Botolph Bishopsgate Exterior
St Botolph Bishopsgate Interior

St Katharine Cree
Thomas Grisson and Mary Jackson were married here in 1769. Two of their children, Jane Mary were baptised here; Jane died as an infant and was buried here.
St Katharine Cree Exterior
St Katharine Cree Interior

All Hallows Staining
Thomas and Mary’s son Thomas was baptised here and all three were buried here. (Embarrassingly, when I came to add these links I realised that I’d visited the wrong All Hallows church, so I’ve had to use a picture from Wikipedia!)

St Botolph Aldgate
Many of Mary Grisson’s descendants were baptised here. One of her daughters, Mary Buck, married Thomas Williams here in 1810 and their children were baptised here; it was the scene of the alleged abduction of one of them, Esther Harriett, in 1839. To bring things almost full circle to near the beginning of this post, Esther’s brother Thomas married Susannah Harriott Groom at St Botolph Bishopsgate in 1835.
St Botolph Aldgate Exterior
St Botolph Aldgate Interior

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