Tentative Identifications

Today I’ve updated my site to include a new section on the pages listing person details – ‘Possibly the Same Person?’.

In a number of cases I have documents which may relate to a particular person in my family tree, but I can’t cross-reference them on enough details to make me feel confident that they do actually relate to that person. For example, I have a death certificate for a Henry Asher who is the right age and has the right occupation to be my ancestor, but he died in the London Hospital in Whitechapel when all the other documents I have which definitely relate to my ancestor place him in Croydon.

So I’ve decided that in these cases I will add the document to my site, but attached to a new person who I will then link to my ancestor. That way, it will be easy either to merge the people (if I find further evidence that the records do relate to the same person) or break the link (if I find evidence to the contrary). To see information on the the details I have considered in making the link, you can click on the icon next to the name.

I have started with documents relating to some members of the Ellis family (James, Martha and John) and to Henry Asher; documents relating to other branches of my family tree will follow in due course.

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